Top 20 Places To Visit In Greece – 4K Travel Guide

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Greece is easily one of my favorite countries! Enjoy this 4K travel guide across Greece’s most beautiful places. From the island of Zakynthos to Mount Olympus, Greece has so much to explore. Where is your favorite place to visit in Greece?

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0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Zakynthos & Marathonisi
1:52 – Milos
2:33 – Meteora
3:31 – Vikos Gorge & Parga
4:40 – Lefkada & Kefalonia
5:42 – Athens & Thessaloniki
6:50 – Mt Olympus & Mt Giona
7:58 – Rion-Antirion Bridge
8:24 – Voidokilia Beach & Corinth Canal
9:19 – Monemvasia & Rhodes
10:20 – Crete & Mykonos
11:04 – Santorini
11:42 – Outro

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Is there someone interested in talking in English with me? ☺️
    My English level is B2
    I’m from Brazil 🇧🇷

  2. Ryan, did you take the train to Meteora? I'm wondering if the 4 hour train ride is boring or worth it. Thanks. BTW, just recently found your channel and am loving it!

  3. What Ryan is actually showing is only a fraction of the true beauty in Greece. Much of it are a selection of the famed places. Unfortunately even Ryan falls under the category of not knowing much about the country. Because if he would, he could have mentioned so many other areas of outrageous beauty and have mentioned things like: the Pindus mountains, Karpenisi-Prousos, Tzoumerka mountains, many many secrets in Epirus, one of the 400 wetlands/marshlands areas, Mountains of Giona, Vardousia, Timfristos, Tymfi, Parnassos, Pindus, agrafa mountains, Lake kerkini, Acheloos valley, Rhodope mountains, Athos holy mountain and so much more. And these are just some of the many special areas on the mainland, let alone the many other islands. He, like every person who are not so educated on Greece picks out of the selection of 15-20 Greek islands often featured. But the other 6000 islands are just not mentioned at all in videos like these, and extremely unfair too. I just came from just Thassos island alone. It's a heavenly island.

    But he did make a step. He actually mentioned Mount Olympus, an area in Epirus province (but missing so so many other gems in this area), which is basically a good beginning. But Greece consists of 80% mountains subdivided into 400 mountains or mountain ranges, many of them snowcapped till June, with the many gems all around and in-between them

  4. Om goodness I never knew Greece was so frickin beautiful!! Truly a sight to behold!! Only the Lord could create something that's absolutely this gorgeous!!

  5. Do any of the buildings in Santorini have hotels or AirBnb, places to spend the night in? It looks so pretty. 🤩 😍

  6. There are much more beautiful places in Greece, but you did not mention. This video shows only a few from more than one hundred of top places.

  7. You should include drakolimni timfis as well its one of most beautiful routes and probably the most beautiful mountain

  8. Monemvasia is where I stayed . And Crete I'm going back there soon in the next few weeks I hope . Thankyou for this vid .

  9. Lovely place to visit and explore. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful nature. I enjoy watching those views. Beautiful footage. Great filming. Awesome video. Big thumbs up!

  10. Hey Ryan! We agree with you, Athens is one of the best cities in Europe, such a cool place. And of course, we dearly love Mykonos. Thanks for the video!

  11. Woah 😍 incredible video brother! You absolutely deserve millions of subs 💪🏼 Much love from Switzerland 🇨🇭


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