How to Travel GREECE & EUROPE in 2021 | Athens City Tour

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Greece is finally open to tourists again and many other countries in Europe will be opening up soon for summer 2021. In this video I explore Athens, the capital of Greece and talk about what you need to know to travel to Europe this year.
Here’s the Passenger Locator Form for Greece:
More info about which countries are open:
Another page with more travel info:
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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Here's the Passenger Locator Form that you will need to fill out before arriving in Greece:

    I forgot to mention in the video that there are a bunch of countries in the Balkans and eastern Europe that are open now, some of which don't require vaccination or even a Covid test. They are: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus. If you know of any others comment below. And see these links for more info about which countries are open, which ones are opening soon and what the entry requirements are:

  2. About the ship strike, it has been transferred and it will take place on the 10th of June, as I read today on the news, so plan accordingly…

  3. Hi Gabriel Yes it鈥檚 possible for Americans to fly to Greece via London. Blogger Ben Schlappig did just that and has documented the procedure @onemileatatime. Google the blog for details. There is another PLF to be filled for UK transit apart from the PLF for Greece.

  4. Welcome to Greece.What about visiting Northern Greece?Vergina, the spectacular tomb of King Phililip, father of Alexander the Great…Thessaloniki and Thassos…Samothrace….

  5. The Bankers are corrupt(as shown in the video above), the politicians are corrupt, the defense contractors are corrupt, the corporations are corrupt, the pharmaceutical industry is corrupt, and the health ministers are corrupt… Unsurprising to anyone who's paying attention, these groups are in complete symbiosis with one another. They write laws to help each other out, they financially bail each other out, they print money by the trillions for one another, they spy on their own citizens for each other, and they imprison their own citizens for 2 year stints over what?
    Yeah, the "scientist", as the newspapers calls them, just said today, "Southern states experienced less contamination from the 'C' because they went outside more."
    Interesting how they are now telling us, after a year and a half of house arrest, that sunshine and fresh are the cure.
    Don't think about it too deeply though… just go get your 'V' and stop asking questions, they're whipping up a fresh batch in the back.

  6. So wonderful to see you in Greece. I really look forward to your time in the islands. Thanks for all you have been posting. Loved your Mexico vlogs. Go there all the time and will be heading there for 6 months in Nov. Keep having fun; can鈥檛 wait till the next post!

  7. So I plan on going next month. I'm vaccinated but did you have to provide a negative covid test to enter even though you are vaccinated?

  8. Welcome back to Europe dude! The conversion from USD to Euro sucks, staying the max 90 days would result in max bank theft drain.

  9. I thought it before you said it "Its all Greek to Me" lol. Thanks for the information helps as always and good to see the city from the street level. Be safe out there


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