Zhiyun Crane 2S: Review

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Small (maybe large) problem…. How do I store/ transport the gimbal when the extension bracket is removed and it is at 45 degrees? The gimbal won't fit in the carrying case that it came in anymore. And it's too large to fit into my camera bag.

  2. does anyone know how to "pause" the motors to go into underslung mode with the motor in the back? I can't power the gimbal off and do it but with my ronin s I just double clicked a button the the motors temporarily disabled.

  3. Bought a dji ronin sc. Returning it due to drifting and no support for my dslr with the remotes. Planning to get this or the weebil S. Any help will he great.

  4. Thanks for the video but the lighting is so dark I can't even see the product. Maybe throw a top down spot or get the talent to wear a white shirt. 👍🏻

  5. Bought it. Here’s what no one is talking about or telling you. If you are coming from a Crane2 read this BEFORE you buy…

    CRANE2S review:

    So yesterday I used my new crane 2S on a real estate shoot.

    Keep in mind I’m coming from a Crane2 and it could be that newer Zhiyun gimbles already function similar to the way this one does.


    As suspected the ability to quickly switch the camera from horizontal to vertical is not only awesome but also convenient. I see this ushering in an entire new suite of products I am able to sell. I’m also excited to start integrating these clips into my standard widescreen format videos as well.

    You can adjust your settings right on the gimble (pan speed, etc). Super awesome not needing to use the app.


    There’s a trigger button that you bump constantly. Touching the trigger moves the gimbal into follow mode which completely screws up your composition if you are in lock mode. This happens a lot and I hope eventually I will learn not to touch this goddamn button.

    On my original Crane2 to you can easily adjust the camera with your hand as well as with a joystick. This does not appear to be the case with the Crane2S. My guess is that the motors are much stronger so that I can hold larger cameras and therefore are not able to release for hand adjustment. This is a big  workflow problem for me because…

    1. after every shot I normally till the camera forward with my hand to quickly review the footage and tilt it back into place.   you cannot do this so you have to use the joystick which leads me to problem two…

    2. I have my joystick adjusted to move the camera extremely slow for some specialized shots that I often do. This means if I have the camera tilted up or down it takes forever to get it back to level using the joystick.

    Another workflow problem I encountered is that when switching between the lock mode and the pan follow mode the motor does not go back to CENTER when you switch to pan follow mode. On the crane2 pressing the mode button and going into pan follow would instantly realign the camera back to forward facing center which was awesome because it allows you to quickly get set up for the next shot as you move around the room. On this new gimbal moving from lock mode into pan follow mode the camera stays exactly where it’s pointed relative to which direction you were standing.  The workaround for this is to do your shot in lock mode then before you change directions move to pan follow mode and then you can walk to your next location with the camera staying basically in front of you. This is a small workflow issue that I can train my mind to work around. 

    The case!?!? What in the actual living Christ! It’s a cheap foam POS. A huge downgrade from the Crane2 case.


    The big killer here for me is not being able to adjust the camera by hand which in a real estate shoot is an extremely valuable timesaver because we also need to have our joystick dial down very very slow…. or at least I do. 

    So the question for me is will the ease at which you can mount the camera vertically outweigh the inability to adjust the camera by hand? It’s tough because I really really really want the vertical shooting feature but that is something I will not use on a every shoot whereas adjusting the camera by hand is something I use after every clip.

    The one saving grace work around maybe to rely more heavily on the ease at which you can adjust settings on the gimbal. If I figure out my preferred joystick settings I guess I could somewhat quickly go back-and-forth between them when needed and the majority of the time have the joystick set to move quickly so I can use it more effectively to adjust the camera after each shot. Not ideal though.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Thanks for the sexy review. This is a rather specific question so no worries if you don’t have an answer, but I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to program key frames for the focus/zoom motors in the ZY Play app, like to change focus and/or zoom during a timelapse. This is doable on the Ronin S, but I need this capability on a gimbal that can support heavier rigs.

  7. 4:00 this. I need to get one now 🤑. I use a Weebill S + BMPCC 6K at work and its a nightmare tbh. The ergonomics of pocket cameras suck so much trying to counter balance them. The bigger gimbal and new design would be insanely helpful…

  8. I've always like DJI because of some little advantages compared to Zhiyun. I'm beyond excited about this. The quick release plate is beyond helpful. I definitely will be looking at this for my next gimbal down the line!


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