Jeremy Grantham Warns Day of Reckoning Will Bust Housing Bubble & Lead To A Catastrophic Crash!

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The U.S. housing market is headed to an epic crash, and at this point, those who don’t know it already are essentially the ones who want to believe things will be different this time. Deep down, they do know that this euphoria can’t go on forever, and prices will eventually have to face a sharp correction. Just like the vast majority of frenzied market booms we have seen throughout history, this one will also end up in a catastrophic bust. However, in recent days, bubble deniers have been persistently arguing that market conditions are ‘normal’ and buyers shouldn’t worry about the enormous imbalances, which, in fact, are getting worse by the day. And many people seem to be believing in what they say despite the growing risks and, of course, the exorbitant prices.
For months, we have been reporting how the pace of home price appreciation has become completely unsustainable. We have shown you updated statistics, indicators, rates, and charts. We have exposed several pieces of evidence that prove a housing market crash is just a matter of time. But in times when homebuyers and investors have been so entranced by the prospect of future gains, overlooking potential consequences seem to have become their new natural response. That’s why, for this video, we decided to bring some light to the word of those who have seen it all happening before and are now telling us that all of it is going to happen once again. Those who have learned from experience. Veterans inside financial markets who know how cycles work. They have warned us of major financial disasters in the past and are echoing similar grim warnings today.
A very alarming statement that made the headlines recently came from no one less than the CEO of the largest bank in the entire country. JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, who has also worked on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve and knows better than anyone when things are starting to spiral out of control. During a Senate hearing last week, Senator Jon Tester asked Dimon if we were in a housing bubble. And Dimon was the only big bank CEO to outright say that yes, there is a bubble and the housing boom may be getting out of hand. He then added that today’s conditions are different from the ones that led to the housing crash of 2008, but current prices expose the “frothy” environment.
Whenever big executives start to bluntly admit that the outlook is worrying, we can tell that the market frenzy is about to turn into an investor nightmare. On the same note, the legendary investor who called the dot-com bubble and the 2008 financial crisis is saying that the state of today’s housing market resembles a lot to what he saw back then. Jeremy Grantham, who co-founded the asset-management firm GMO, said that real-estate bubbles were popping up in almost every market and that a “day of reckoning” is looming. Speaking at the Morningstar Investment Conference Australia, Grantham, who also agrees the government’s monetary policies have led to the formation of “The Everything Bubble”, argued that the enormous increases in housing prices are simply not sustainable. “This time you look around and you find the real estate is suddenly pretty bubbly in every market,” he said. “You can’t keep an asset class like housing, where the house doesn’t change, and you’re just marking it up in real terms year after year. Eventually there’ll be a day of reckoning.”
When Grantham speaks, the market listens, and he believes the U.S. markets are on the brink of a catastrophic meltdown, especially considering that they risk crashing at the same time. Grantham has clanged the warning bells for Doomsday one more time, affirming that markets have until the end of the vaccine rollout before bubbles burst. He shared four indicators that are lining up to what could be “the biggest loss of perceived value from assets that we have ever seen”. Perhaps, more importantly, Grantham reminds us that “bubbles don’t always burst alike”. Just because the macro picture is different doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t worry about how extensive the bubble has become. As Grantham warned: “the problem with a bubble is not that you don’t realize you’re in it – it’s that you don’t realize when it’s game over”. We can only recommend you to watch the next market events very closely because a major financial catastrophe is on the horizon – and one single burst could set off a cascade of other crashes and systemic failures, plunging the entire country into an economic depression much worse than what was in in 1929 and leading to the biggest collective loss of wealth in our entire history.​



Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Difference from the last housing bubble is there are no more ninja loans. But buyers are going to tighten discretionary spending to make up for the high prices.

  2. We r in trouble. The only people who can buy 3 bedrm. 2 bath homes, in a nice neighborhood, r bankers, powerful corporations, contractors, trust funders, CEOs, high end techies, and real estate developers . The working classes, r out of work.

  3. Let's make this very clear… as a person who has already held a stock broker's license, it's getting very old to hear that conditions in 2008 were very different than they are now… in March of 2008 the stock market crashed ( thank goodness they stopped the trading quickly )… anyone with anything between their ears clearly remembers that in March of 2020 a hard crash was beginning to happen and they shut the market as fast as you can blink your eye!!! Same exact month same exact economic conditions 12 years later ( not to mention the same kind of economic policies, with ridiculously low interest rates and a so-called home-buying economy ) IT IS THE SAME… only much more extreme!!!! The mortgage lenders, the Real Estate Investors, and the residential Realtors are like a three-headed monster about to destroy the economy….open your eyes everyone and stop
    being so gullible 💪 …another thing…. there are so many empty homes which are being held by investors and Realttors around the country and around the world… funny how there's such a shortage of housing when the population has grown less than 1%, have some self-control…….

  4. the housing is backing the national debt , the fed will become the buyer of last result . when the dollar goes down property prices will look like they are doubling . The bankers are hovering to take or buy all the in arrears properties .
    Get out of debt .

  5. Well here in Arizona houses are popping up like daisies. Only problem is we're running out of water. And as the builders gobble up the farmland we're running out of produce. LOL if you build it they will come.

  6. Have you noticed how these greedy developers build houses so close together? We are nothing but worthless sardines to them, just like the airlines, where the joy of flying disppeared back in the 1970s.

  7. Housing market won’t crash and neither will the stock market. I’m all in & so are my colleagues. The FED won’t let the market crash

  8. All you housing bubble freaks are hilarious, nothing is like it use to be with subprime mortgages and ARM mortgages

  9. Hello I have copy of gain of funk email confirmation. Also how the bio. Weap. Cool. Vvvv ii ddd was made as it's labeled . Exact location my channel. I'm not a YouTuber. just trying to get this out. Please take screenshots

  10. To me, this doesn’t sound like a housing market crash. This sounds like inveestment/rental property purchasing paradise. But maybe I’m missing something?


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