The Lie of The Justice System

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This video is an in depth look at the police procedures commonly used to arrest criminals in the US justice system. Specifically focused on the Central Park 5. There are a number of racial biases in the police force and the criminal corrections system. Highlighted during the case of the Central Park 5 and their false imprisonment.

I also want to take a dive into the various justice system around the world to see which criminal systems work and which ones don’t, and why.

Around the world prisons and justice systems are all different and so are attitudes towards crime, theres a lot to learn from other countries. This is the place to start learning about crime and its causes.

00:00 Beginning
01:23 The Long Arm
11:22 The Interrogation
21:16 Due Process
40:08 The Lottery
41:10 Guilt By Press
52:34 Jail
1:00:00 Justice Labs

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Wow the quality of this video is superb. Excellent job! Your channel is extremely underrated and I’m glad I’ve found you. Thank you for making such interesting great quality content. Thanks again. Sending love from Australia 👍✌️🙏❤️💕

  2. Saw the length, kinda like wOAh but I feel like Ima sit through it because it Peaked my Interest

    okay ill see myself out.

  3. I remember watching this story on netflix , i was very saddened about those boys having to pass all those things because some cops believed that they did it, a well put together video exposing the corruption of the justice system, cops bending the rules to get what they want.

  4. Oh boy, the beginning of this video hit me hard. I still remember the first time hearing about the „central park five“, and this case still breaks my heart. Fantastic video!

  5. Got to say, dude. I do love your work. Give it more time, and your channel is gonna get way more recognition than you think. Glad to see someone with so much passion in their work. Never change that, dude!

  6. It sucks when you see a video with so much visible dedication put into it not break 10.000 views during the first two days..

  7. Hey man can someone cab guide me how to add Vietnamese subtile so i can introduce you and your content to my people, I find your content is super quality and in depth that you deserved a position as high as Vsauce. Thank you

  8. keep up this content and you’ll get the attention you deserve. shocked at how few people have seen this.. your videos are great and clearly you put a lot of work into them. 🙂

  9. I completely agree with this video. We need to drastically expand the death penalty and stop feeding/housing these monsters for decades.

  10. This video gives me that funny form of deja vu. It just makes sense and sums up every thought I've had about the justice system so far. I wish more people spent their time watching videos on how we could improve society instead of why we shouldn't even consider it.

  11. Do you guys know that prisons keep people in so some people can make a profit out of it? Yes, it's good old money 💵

  12. Quality is good but as a paralegal I get the point of the video but we dont need an hour n thirty mins to prove a point when you prove it in the first 15 with facts known later that weren't known in the court case.

  13. I have a lot to say about this video lol. I think I’m gonna put a pause on it & finish it tomorrow tho.
    You’ve done a great job tho 👏🏼 there’s a few things I wanna bring up & a perspective that’s important but I’ll come back to this. Making myself a bookmark comment here

  14. Thought this was about 55 mins long but goddamn you are a content god

    Edit: I want to go to a Norwegian prison

  15. This is really scary. I know that I am incredibly prone to being manipulated due to both neurodivergence and previous trauma, and I can't even imagine how people who are not just like me but are also typically profiled by the police, get this far far worse. Thank you for the video

  16. This video perfectly criticized the flaws in the prison system. The U.S prison system should strive from victim reduction and the only way that can be possible if people coming out of prison have a better chance of reintegrating into society. Lastly, I don’t mind that the video was long because the video had something to say about how broken the U.S justice system is. Keep up the good work and you’ll be sure to hit a millions subscribers.

  17. I can’t wait to watch this!!!!

    Edit: just finished watching! This was a fantastic video! You really deserve more subs and views. And thank you for talking about this subject!

  18. You are the go-to man if i wanted to hire a man to act like Al Pacino to beat the truth out of the Queen on whether she killed Princess Di

  19. Unreal video man,absolutely perfect. Loved the back and forth in the courtroom scenes,really well thought out. One question for you? Petty crime I can let slide and actually feel for the person because we've all been there,sometimes your ego will take over and you end up doing something silly but forgivable but would you have a firm stance on serious crime?

  20. Had to watch it part by part and man you have outdone yourself, I enjoyed every second of that video. Hope to see more videos like that ! That is one the most deserving video that received one of my likes.

  21. The point of prison is to warn the serf scum population not to overstep the mark whilst the upper class elites carry on with various nefarious activities unbound. Full stop

  22. This is absolutely insane. I love this video so much, it's so easy to watch, it's informative, it's just incredible!! Keep up the amazing work

  23. The fact that this video has only 1k views after 12 hours… Youtube, excuse my foul language but WHAT THE FUCK are you doing?
    I seriously hope this video will fall into the algorithm wild ride, and get recommended to lots of people, like your other video!

  24. Great job Peaked Interest, I hope the view count rises soon, it's well deserved. This is a well researched and edited piece of content for sure

  25. sometimes i think the police is way more dangerous than the criminals themself, not to mention the noncriminals treated as such. humanity is embarressing. super well done documentary.


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