Regulation Kills Innovation

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Sadly the big tech social media giants are speeding up their own demise, embracing all kinds of censorship. Either be a neutral platform and permit a whole spectrum of ideas, or a selective publisher filtering out unwelcome ideas. But the latter comes with great responsibility and with liability. Social media platforms seem to be choosing the latter, but are trying to swerve the liability.

  2. Hmmm, Kate, you might want to read Whitney Webb's work. Today's largest tech companies seem to have strong government ties. Secretive front company with ties to clandestine operators and financiers. The World Wide Web is a trap to ensnare the unwary and allow greater control by governments and those behind the curtain.

  3. Government should not exist at all because it manipulates the awesome dynamic of the free market, most notably at the central bank level where it (government) dictates who wins and who loses with the seemingly simple dictating of interest rates.

  4. If trains could be used to rapidly distribute weapons to isolated revolutionaries and disrupt politics in distant countries, then the ever-present deep-state would invest. Heavily.

    Fast-forward to the information highway.

  5. Regulations may impede(not kill) innovation, but a true democracy does not move at the pace of technology and is supposed to be slow in nature, otherwise it's no longer a democracy but an autocracy with "innovation" as the supreme ruler. History also teaches us how blurred the lines have become when trying to place oneself onto a sociopolitical scale of sorts, since so much worth fighting for today has become a complete internal contradiction that a person needs to battle through before understanding right from wrong. I have the utmost respect for futurists, innovators and inventors, but they are in almost all cases given the power they wield by the all mighty dollar and not chosen in any way to lead the general population…

  6. If it weren't for regulation, kids would still be working at factories, there would be no labor laws, and corporations would be polluting rivers. Co2 is bs, but chemicals have destroyed waterways.

  7. Capitalism is like the Tiger Mom and Dad that drives you to work hard, try new things & makes you do what is best for you whether you are enjoying in the moment or not. Socialism is like the Grandma who bakes you cookies & makes all your favourite foods while you're visiting. One path leads to success & the other leads you to being fat and lazy, favouring sloth and indulgence over hard work and perseverance.


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