Privileged vs Homeless – Law & Order

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The court fights over whether a homeless man should be judged for his crimes in the same way as those more privileged than him.

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From Season 14, Episode 11 “Darwinian” – After a hit-and-run victim is left to die, the shocking circumstances of the case leave McCoy and Southerlyn determined to get the driver on a murder charge.

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. It's called bondage…bound by evil. I feel for this character as I have been through something similar. I really need to find the rest of this. ✝

  2. So why didn't he get another job? Or if he was disabled, get help for that? I was homeless myself once many years ago. But I picked myself back up, moved forward and have never allowed myself to be in that situation again. Max had more than what I did. He could have done the same thing. Instead he decided to give up on himself, and expected everyone else to do take pity on him. All the while thinking he is better than the other homeless people, and acting like he deserves more than they do. Fantastic acting though…

  3. A problem I have with this story is that it frames the conclusion as either this or that (guilty and 12 years time or not guilty and he walks away free)
    The prosecutor makes it sound like the guy killed the other only because of the orange but he also did it because he felt like he was gonna get killed if he didn't. His speech about justice for the homeless sounds a little hollow if you recognize that the killer didn't even have the benefit of circumstances that put the gravity of his crime in another light. The killer sounds really desperate, he really felt like he had no choice and that should have been accounted for

  4. In the immortal words of CS Lewis comes this quote: experience is a brutal teacher but you learn my god do you learn.

  5. This is what minorities go through…every day!

    They didn't want this…they didn't choose this…this system has been there and no matter how they try to escape or change it, they get thrown down…

  6. I wonder if there was universal healthcare in America would he be homeless in the first place. He would not have been in debt if healthcare was free after he had the construction site accident, which makes you wonder how many people are in the same situation that he was in right now!

  7. This is designed to make you think that you could wind up the same way as this defendant. But that's BS. He didn't choose the consequences, but he made the choices that determined his life.

  8. "I lost it all…you don't know what that feels like…to be a go to bed on a wet piece of cardboard..wondering how did this happen to me" best acting ever and I feel you

  9. They need love they need compassion they need to be treated with some respect too it’s sad to see people have no other choice but to live on the streets 🙏🏾

  10. A is A. Individual rights do not cease to exist just because you become homeless.

    Also, how a person ends up homeless DOES matter.

  11. I grew up in NYC and have seen homeless/helpless people. It's so much worse today. Politicians have the power and money to help but they lack the desire or fortitude. Just the other day I watched a clip someone made, think it was "a walk down Kensington avenue, Philadelphia". It was just 2 minutes long but it was overwelmingly sad. I suggest you check it out..

  12. I don't know which side to lean on more but this is a reality that is well conveyed in the actors part. Just amazing, you could feel the weight.

  13. To this day, there is no other show more gritty, more palpably REAL than this series. Many times I've found courtroom drama mind blowing, episodic conclusions gut-wrenching. No other television series has brought out these emotions in me, not even close.

  14. There's no real winner here. Arthur's more conservative standard lack of compassion or action vs Serena's token attempts at placating guilt to appeal to more liberal sensibilities.

    All the while virtually nothing actually gets done to affect lasting improvements for the homeless or the mentally ill.


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