Victorian government needs to be ‘upfront’ about why the state is in lockdown

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Victorian Shadow Heath Minister Georgie Crozier says the state government needs to be “upfront” with Victorians about its vaccine rollout and the reasons for its current lockdown.

“There is a lot of confusion and a lot of mess out there,” she said.

“The government needs to be upfront, where are we in terms of the frontline workers that have actually been vaccinated? “

Ms Crozier pointed out the state went into lockdown in February because the government was “unable to contact trace properly” and asked whether this could be a contributing factor in the latest lockdown.

“The chief health officer hasn’t actually explained to us why we’re in this current lockdown and how long it will be extended for, if it will be extended,” she said.

“They’re the questions that the government needs to provide to Victorians because there is no JobKeeper this time.

“There are businesses and their staff who are not getting paid and they are not getting an income.

“It is incredibly devastating for them”.



Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Australia might as well stay closed now. Nobody can be bothered to travel to a country with Governments like this anyway, not even if they could. Australia has gone down hill massively in the last decade.

  2. this is fragment from WA. gov. "Public Health Act 2016 (WA) Instrument of Authorisation – to Supply or Administer a Poison {SARS- COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE- Australian Defence Force } (No.2) 2021 update in March

  3. Why are people still complying with this life is for living not protecting vulnerable strangers old and sick people die its the way it works unfortunately

  4. We are in lockdown because the dark occult forces controlling our governments demand Ritualistic abuse and sacrifice disguised as mitigation against the common cold

  5. We all know why we're in lockdown. Because powerful people have decided it suits their devious purpose & governments globally have caved in either for personall benefit or fear. We all know this, the press know this, the politicians know this, the press know this, pharma well know this & China knows this.

  6. The Feds are as useless as the Victorians. Australia is governed by completely incompetent morons, only interested in the fruits of office and never willing to admit a mistake. Nothing untoward ever happens on their watch. They are always right and infallible to a degree that the Pope doesn't claim to be. They take us for idiots. Perhaps we are. We vote.

  7. The lockdown will last until the end of the year. You will no longer be allowed exercise and only one visit to the shops per week per household. You will then have a chip inserted in your brain. Just thought these thoughts today at work.

  8. Why is the shadow health minister not pointing out that CHINA used 5G beam forming in Wuhan and banned it elsewhere and used mmWAve in Wuhan and banned it elsewhere. Now both are banned all over China, even in Wuhan. Yet this mmwave and beam forming is ready to be deployed in Australia, Melbourne first. WHY. It is KNOWN from past studies decades ago that BOTH beam forming and mmwave ARE DANGEROUS. Can we talk about the science YET? 5G is Klaus catalyst to 4th revolution

  9. why are unelected think tanks coming up with this ''Go for zero '' strategy. Turnbull Grattan Institute, Zionists, Freemasons, what else is in this mix? Israel invented 5G capability but Israel is not having it, they are having SAFE wired connections.
    The PCR test – does it pick up ANY corona virus? Corona virus is the common cold.

  10. Klaus Schwab Rothschild has convinced the Freemasons they will be the elites with servants in a kingdom. All a trick but the dumb nut pawns have fallen for it and take his instructions: ''trust the process'''. Just what Hitler said. The pawns were killed too. Dumbest of the dumb have now put every Australian in danger. The WEF/Huawei set up 5Gee and beam forming is coming

  11. Absolutely, but no one seems to be doing anything about it.
    No one can leave here, but lets bring them in.
    Started in China.
    China banded all flights into China and let the Chinese people fly all over the world.
    Australia the complete opposite.
    One man comes from hotel quarantine in south Australia, travels all over Melbourne by the looks of it, and the cases linked to him.
    Knowing that its came out of hotel quarantine, I believe everytime that I know of, the deadliest stain so far which they have known for sometime now, watching the UK and other countries deal with it.
    If this was happening in other countries that Covid is coming out of hotel quarantine that there Government is controlling and the people are in lockdown from it, and dying, there would be riots in the streets.
    Press conference last year before Christmas, Andrews was asked there will be more breakouts are uses prepared and not having to go into lookdown.
    Yes we believe we are ready, will not need to lock down, and this was already known of the so called new strain.
    Federal and state governments are all Dicks on flops that couldn't rise given the chance.

  12. Someone should tell Mr Labor Poindexter that The Labor state Government has stuffed up the contact tracing time and time again!

  13. No way 54 cases one person in hospital for precautionary observation. No deaths this year. This is gone way too far . 47000 tests
    There doing there best to find someone with the common cold . We need to get back to work

  14. Asymptomatics dont spread this, vaccines don't stop transmission,stop the lies media,stop the hysteria!!! Jab,jab,jab,they quackseen is an experiment, dangerous experiment!!!!you can't mandate a dangerous medical treatment its against the Nuremberg code!!!

  15. The shadow health minister can say what she likes. But if her party was in power they'd be doing exactly the same thing and avoiding questions about it. Labour or Liberal there is no difference.

  16. Casedemic, lies,false positives, no one's sick or dying !!! Eradication strategy is BS,you cannot track and trace the microbiome, wake the f k up people, this is tyranny!!!

    Who here knows someone.. anyone with conv1t9… or had passed from it?
    Who here knows of and can confirm of the legitimacy of those that are currently infected…?
    None of the hearsay bs. Real confirmation and proof please.

  18. Eradication is fantasy. Covid is here in Australia. Covid just isn’t that deadly now the old and sick are vaccinated. Healthy people under 60 face minuscule risk from covid . Grow up .


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