The Westminster model is a ‘wonderful’ system offering ‘leadership beyond politics’

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Eminent law professor David Flint says in the Westminster system you have a “wonderful” system which offers proponents of it “leadership beyond politics” under the Crown – uniting the country.

“The Westminster system, particularly when it’s part of the Crown, when the Crown is the ultimate authority has worked very well,” he told Sky News Alan Jones

“What it has produced … you have a wonderful system in which the Crown is above politics, the Crown is beyond politics and it offers in the country something that informed Americans do regret.

“And that is that they don’t have … leadership beyond politics which brings the country together rather than having a partisan as head of the country.”



Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. As John Adams said: "our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
    It is because US has departed from this heritage that it is in such a parlous state today, its great institutions e.g.courts, academy, rotted from within, its people largely irreligious and immoral. Pray for its restoration.

  2. Wish I could turn the box on at twat o'clock for work and watch sky news Australia than have to put up with the shite they put on in the UK

  3. Alan they don’t call it the CROWN VIRUS for nothing. How about the Lord’s JUBILEE. The Almighty Lord our God, let us not worship the profiteers of misery.

  4. Constitutional monarchy makes sense… as long as the monarch is a popular, discreet and sane person, like the Queen. But that’s the problem. What happens if you get a nutjob? Many people think Charles is one. And you’re stuck with them. Succession is succession.

  5. Consider my republican sensibilities stired I'm not going to bother saying what I think is wrong about the idea of having a monarchy you already know what I'd say.

  6. I'm not sure where you get the idea that the British way of government is a good one. It looks broken, crumbling under the weight of so much dust, cobwebs tarted up as history. It is broken, there's a one party system in place with the privileged few being in command position. Any new parties wanting to gain a foothold are swept aside. Dissenting voices are heard & then ignored. Its a mess.

  7. One of the medals should be given to Wendy Whitely. Her “secret garden” is such a beautiful idea that has inspired similar ideas all over the world. The garden has fostered community, enhanced urban beauty, and given a home to flora and fauna. It is an example of citizen action in the face of inept municipal bureaucracy. She has created an outdoor gallery that allows Mother Nature to be the artist.

  8. I absolutely get the value of the non-partisan/political head of state, but I can not in any way understand the Dear Leader tingles around members of the Royal family. I guess that might just be generational, not sure. I find the way hardcore monarchists talk about the Queen to be completely weird, and highly unlikely to be helping their cause.

  9. Get rid of sovereignty, Australia is no longer a penal colony,we need our own flag,our own money,and piss these politicians off completely, they are all corrupt fat cats.

  10. I suppose there will be another slew Of worthless ‘celebrities’ being given an MBE or OBE or some other such crap

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  13. 'Wonderful' system eh?
    Take a close look at Charlies connections with Schwarb & Co (WEF)…….communism for us, not for him though!

  14. Having a partisan head of stateor president is like having the coach of the biggest footy club refereeing the game, it will always end in tears.
    Many Asian countries would do well both for their political and economic health to adopt a Westminster system of government


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