Morrison government using the budget to ‘cover their political tracks’

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Labor MP Peter Khalil has accused the Morrison government of using the 2021 budget to “cover their political tracks” and criticised it for having a “lack of vision” when it comes to investing in Australia’s future economy.

“It’s very political, there’s a lot of spending in areas to cover over the problems they created,” he said.

“Over eight years there’s been cuts to aged care and women’s health. Scott Morrison oversaw much of this – he cut aged care himself.

“So they created all these problems, now they’re trying to cover their political tracks effectively with a budget.

“What gets me about this is the lack of vision in looking at investing in Australia’s future economy, looking at the structural reform necessary for long-term gains.”

Mr Khalil said more work needed to be done through further investment in education to provide the unemployed with the skills needed to enter the workforce.

“There’s a missed opportunity by Josh Frydenberg to actually invest in areas or sectors in the economy that will actually grow the economic pie … so you increase the tax base so you can tackle the debt and deficit down the track”.



Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. All these "experts" have created all these problems. About time to fuck off the "experts" and take back our country. I have fucking had it with these traitorous cunts.

  2. More like using the budget to cover their political crimes ! These fellas ripped off. Trillion AUD for their bankster mates over a cold virus ! Wake up Australia!

    GOD is our Father and our Creator. GOD wrote your DNA and every living thing's DNA. GOD specially crafted your unique fingerprints. GOD warned Liars/Spin-doctors shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. By GOD's Only Begotten Son Jesus's stripes we are healed. There is nothing else, He must increase we must decrease.


    This Saturday at noon in Sydney's Hyde Park and other major cities here in Australia and around the world.

  5. lets gid morrison government out lets start looking after australia by out voice My son has just finished his agecare cert and honestly it hasnot change for the benifit of the clients within twenty years cos his father works in age care what a disgrace morrison and his government is

  6. Australia govt policy on covid is completely wrong
    Whole thing is detrimental to economy n tourism
    Policy on international travellers is delusional
    Test before flight
    Test when get of flight
    2 negatives means negative shit for brains
    Thats best policy if positive into quarantine duh?????

  7. When can sky news call out the ABC for disabling the comments section on YouTube! We own the ABC and pay for it with our taxation but aren’t allowed to express our opinions on the content they post! We can this be addressed and called out.

  8. It's fraud budget, the criminals made it just to keep women quiet & to cover up their crimes in the Parliament because it was turned into a Brothel


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