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China has reacted sharply to statements by Australia and New Zealand where they express grave concern over developments in Hong Kong and the Human Rights situation in Xinjiang.

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. The CCP needs to fully understand that we’ll fight to the death before we let an authoritarian government that runs concentration camps filled with ethnic minorities bully the democratic world around.

  2. .. on issues on TRADE, on issues on Human rights… "Aus and NZ have broadly been positioned in exactly the same place on these issues CONSISTENTLY"….. In the mean time, NZ and China just signed an agreement to upgrade their existing free trade pact on 26th Jan 2021 … LOL

  3. Smear and bias with
    baseless media can you confirm pictures
    are real situasion in
    Xi gieng.

  4. Careful NZ and Australia. The CCP will try its best to create disunity within the Trans Tasman allegiance. Divide and rule!

  5. 《七绝·叹澳纽愚行》纳兰明媚题

  6. Purely making a comment is not "foreign interference, or meddling in it's internal affairs". I heard more grievous complaints from my four year old nephew at a weekend barbeque.

  7. China has always regarded New Zealand as the weakest link in the Five Eyes alliance. It hopes that through economic interests, New Zealand, the country with the smallest population and weakest national strength, can be induced to stand on China's side. So far, China has achieved significant results. In many diplomatic occasions involving China, New Zealand has stressed its independent foreign policy, which means it does not feel obligated to sign the joint statement issued by the other four members in the Five Eyes alliance. In the long run, New Zealand may stay cautious on issues related to China, but it is almost impossible to expect New Zealand to actually support China's values and positions.


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