Andrews government in ‘secret negotiations’ for permanent pandemic laws

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Managing Director of Reignite Democracy Australia Monica Smit says for the “last year and a half” the Andrews government has been working with parliamentary crossbenchers to “make the votes” to introduce permanent pandemic laws into Victoria.

The remarks come amid reports from the Nine Papers the Andrews government is in “secret” negotiations with three crossbenchers to create “permanent pandemic laws”.

“It’s shocking it’s been happening for the last year and a half,” she told Sky News host Alan Jones.

“Those three crossbenchers are basically deciding everything and it makes the other members of parliament, who are very good by the way, must feel quite helpless to not have a vote.

“The Andrews government isn’t even talking to these other members of parliament just the three that makes the votes.”

Mr Jones said the trade-off the crossbenchers wanted was for police to “record the racial appearance of people they stop or fine” for breaching health directives.



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  1. They might be able to take his Bible this house and everything else but there's one thing that they can't take and that the Holy Spirit and the presence of God good luck Satan you're going to lose👊👊👊

  2. Wtf does he think he is? We are already living under tyrany this is worse than Nazi Germany and this dictator has stepped over his job title and going for the kill with permanent pandemic laws for what??? ARE WE AT WAR ARE WE GETTING BOMBED BY ANOTHER COUNTRY THIS BLOKES INSANE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  3. Don’t think it won’t happen in every state. Next episode will be breakouts in whatever state is up next to finish state of emergency oh look we need to extend also fuckn pull this up people of Australia

  4. The problem in Victoria is the msm are not reporting these stories. I get all of my news from Sky News. MSM need to held to account so the rest of Victoria is made aware of this information. I won’t hold my breath.

  5. There is an old saying; "if you allow yourself to be a donkey, someone will always saddle you up" These politicians serve us and if we dont stand up and question them and/or get out on the streets, they will always saddle us up. Before blaming others, question yourselves in what action you took against how we ended up like this, no different from communism. Far as im concerned, cant blame the politicians for our silence, inaction and ignorance. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE, we allowed this, WHAT WILL YOU DO FROM HERE? is the real question.

  6. I heard they took yer guns away first…then administered their Corporate controlled Government service ! Bet ya'll feel right warm and cozy. The bully will always fack with you until you break his nose in front of everyone and he cries like a baby. All of us on earth….all people who think Freedom is important, we all must go .." ALL IN" …ITS now or never.

  7. Most of the media on earth is controlled by fear dished out by Corporate controlled politician's. This station is rare. I would like to see a station like yours on Canadian soil. It will never happen as the crook politicians have too good of a root base. Our herd of sheep were asleep too long. It is war time, sheep slaughter time, the nasty fact of human existence is about to occur now, it is already in motion and happening. All freedom loving people on earth must unite together now, and do your part in seeing freedom exists.

  8. It would be unenforceable. All it would ultimately do is make Vic government authority largely nominal (only exist really on paper). Australians are use to freedom to a large degree. It would take generations to change that and do not see our authorities have the respect/trust even before all this began to get away with such a thing. We may be the nation where people stop for red pedestrian lights when there's no pedestrians nearby but think this would be a step too far.

  9. Most Aussies are scared gutless lazy thinking sheep addicted to MSM. It comes from being physically isolated from the rest of the world. Don't expect the bravery of the diggers to be found anywhere down under these days.

  10. we have been lied to about the origin of this virus lied to about recorded cases lied to about death and recovery rates lied to about treatments yet people still trust that these vaccines they are trying to push on us are safe and effective?wow

  11. He should of been removed from power 18 months ago; no the Victorian people need to band together and have him &his party removed, it seems labor across Australia are total dictators


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