The BEST Gaming TV in the World! (PS5 | Xbox Series X | PC)

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What’s the best Gaming TV in 2021? I’m testing the LG G1 – 4K120, OLED, G Sync, FreeSync, HDMI 2.1, VRR, ALLM – but is it the ‘best’ and what should you look for when buying a Gaming TV?

LG G1:

Sonos Arc: US l UK:
Sonos One SL: US l UK:
Sonos Sub: US l UK:
TV Stand: Tikamoon:
PS5: US l UK:
Series X: US l UK:

This video is not sponsored – but the G1 was provided as a review sample by LG.

00:00 What makes a Gaming TV?
00:59 4K vs 8K TV
01:58 My Gaming Setup (LG G1)
02:49 OLED vs QLED
04:03 LG C1 vs G1 Price
04:28 Response Times
04:54 Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
05:35 Speakers & Soundbars!
06:15 Audio Test
06:42 How much?
07:08 The Best Gaming TV
07:49 It’s a Wrap!

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Wow another G1 review…boooring!! Go and review the B1. None of these „tech“ YouTube boys reviews products that are actually interesting for the viewers. Like the target group of the G1 or even the C1 ist small compared to the B1.

    Stop reviewing only the high end units and start with the low end.

  2. Bought a 55inch BX in February here in Australia it has 2 120hz inputs vrr allm and it is a beautiful tv also in my other room have a 65inch nanocell with all that and is also a great tv I do recommend LG but I did consider a Samsung tv having for years a plasma of theirs but so glad I went with the LG.

  3. Love LG products can't stand there tvs. Not a fan of there OS. Samsung for me all day. I have a Samsung qled 60hz. Which before the next gen systems where out you didn't get a whole lot of 60hz but now there's 120hz which is insane to me. Playstation stole my heart with the ps4 then I upgraded to the ps4 pro then I got the ps5. They just have exclusive. To be honest I never really seen the difference between 30fps to 60fps until….. I just recently double dipped and bought star wars jedi fallen order physical copy for the ps5 which is a phenomenal game. So I've been playing around with the fidelity to performance mode and seriously performance mode is a huge difference in my opinion. So I can see the appeal to get a tv with 120hz just to expensive right now plus my Samsung qled isn't to old so what a waste of money that would be to replace it so soon……

  4. Nice video. Currently playing PS5 on Samsung QN90A. It does not disappoint. You're right about the bloom effects… Had to tweak game mode brightness a bit. Take about retina fatigue. Ha!

  5. Had OLED for a year and I still can't believe I got one. Spent nearly a decade being excited for this tech. It was either too far away or too expensive. Now flagship OLED can potentially be cheaper than flagship LCD, what a time.

  6. Yeah I’m sure everyone has $4,300.00 for a overpriced 4K tv that runs 120hz just to see Rachet and clank the same way you could on a $500.00 4K 120hz tv, but it’s up to you convince them.

  7. The Brighness thing I don't quite understand.
    I daily drive a Samsung G9 and it get up to 1000kints bright, and that's honestly too bright in alot of situations.
    So saying brighter TV's are better dosn't make sense to me.


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