10 Genius Ways Players Beat Video Games

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Insanely creative ways to destroy your favourite video games.

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. I don't think the upside down dark souls (or any game) would actually be that hard (I mean harder than Dark Souls usually is). Just like with any new control scheme (or a backwards control section) you very quickly get used it it. Think of how crazy the original Resident Evil tank controls were the first time you played it. But then you got used it very quickly and could play it no problem.

  2. I know I can do it. I tested it for my own personal trial. I know speed runners probably can but won't do it (it would slow them down)…
    Ghost, Mostly Flesh and Steel, Clean Hands (don't alert or kill anyone and don't upgrade blink or get any other powers), and (as the difficulty increase) don't equip ANY bone charms and only buy upgrades that benefit you in non-lethal ways.

    The one exception (because technically it makes your bow deadlier) is the crossbow upgrades. You can get all of those. Then you can only purchase the Mask, Armor, and Feet upgrades.

    I'll write this challenge out later.

  3. I mean, I can make a whole list just by going to SmallAnt’s YouTube/Twitch. Just speed runners in general tend to find unique ways to beat games to keep it fresh.

  4. I had some friends who once beat up to the first boss in dark souls blindfolded. The guy playing had the blindfold on and another was giving him directions. I can't believe they actually did it!

  5. GiantGrantGames beat Starcraft 2 – all three campaigns – without losing a single player-controlled unit, and saving nearly all AI-controlled allied units. (It's not quite possible to save all the allied units not under your control – but he saved as many as he could.) Notably this meant in the Zerg campaign he couldn't get any upgraded units (as the upgrade missions require some to die, so he skipped them), and couldn't use some of the most powerful units. (Banelings – who die on attack, and Swarm Queens and Brood Lords, who both spawn smaller attacking units who time out and die.)

    He's currently in the middle of attempting a pacifist run (not directly killing a single enemy unit unless it's a required objective), and attempted but couldn't complete a blindfolded run of one of the campaigns.

  6. I did Portal 2 Co-op on my own though not speed running. Its fairly easy with only a few areas where you need to juggle the pads to ensure you set off multiple portals in correct order. Though i could never do it on the time these speed runners do it.

  7. Beating it with weird challenges is a genius way of beating the game? I thought it was going to be how they out smarted the game instead of "Weird gaming challenges players actuallu finished"


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