This Young, Passion Enterprise Is Serving “The Most Exciting” MAGGI In Town! THE BLUE WAGON KITCHEN

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To many of us, a common food memory growing up was Maggi, the quintessential quick snack, and also a hunger saviour when one was cramming for exams late into the night! It had been a while since I tasted some, when I heard of this quaint six-seater eatery in Jayanagar, Bengaluru, that is redefining this fondly-remembered comfort food in the many varieties they dish out. From incorporating exotic fresh ingredients like basil and mushrooms to spicing it up with the stinging bite of fresh habanero pepper and mollycoddling it in cheese, this is the sort of Maggi that seems to have grown beyond its two-minute tagline! Much like the current palate of its patrons of yesteryear.

Head to The Blue Wagon Kitchen or order in to savour the exciting avatars of your erstwhile two-minute sustenance! Hope you enjoy this episode; take care, stay safe and happy eating!

Habanero Chilli Cheese Maggi
Rs. 110 (usd 1.5)

Tomato Basil With Mushrooms Maggi
Rs. 110 (usd 1.5)

Nutella Cupcake
Rs. 50 (usd 0.7)

Cold Pour Over Coffee
Rs. 80 (usd 1.1)

Kripal Amanna,
Gourmet On The Road,
Food Lovers TV

Note: Please check on dining restrictions, if any, by calling numbers listed below. The eatery is also available on popular delivery platforms.
TIMINGS: 1pm to 3pm; 430pm to 930pm
ADDRESS – The Blue Wagon Kitchen, Shop B, Ground Floor, No. 615/1, Janardhan Mansion, 10th C Main Road, 32nd D Cross Rd, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011; tel: +91 80959 04280/ 81054 85007

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Head to The Blue Wagon Kitchen or order in to savour the exciting, new avatars of your erstwhile sustenance! Hope you enjoy this episode; take care, stay safe and happy eating!
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    Follow us on Instagram for more on delicious food @kripalamanna or @foodloversindia 😋

  2. Phenomenal….thanks Mr. Amanna. Hard to find any other Food presenter/Connoisseur like you. Compelled to thank you! And while I am here, vegetarianism on the rise….absolutely the way to go.

  3. This place is like heaven for people who love Maggi….. I have been to so many places in Bangalore….. Honestly this is my first favourite place…… I have tried all types of Maggi here….. everything is soo different and flavoursome ❤️ Habanero and tomato basil cheese are my favourites…… during my initial visits I tried different types of Maggi….. later on I started trying other dishes like sandwich, toasts, pizza, cupcakes, etc…… it feels as though they know my taste palette….. I like everything….❤️ sometimes I had to wait for an hour just to get one plate of Maggi, but it was worth the wait….. I don’t mind waiting for hours to eat here….. coz I feel sooo satisfied and happy when I eat here…. We literally travel for 2 hours just to eat Maggi here….. masala fries, chilli garlic bread, Nutella cupcake, cold coffee, jalapeño toast are my favourites apart from Maggi….. I still have to try many dishes here…. But I know for sure that I can never get disappointed….. love love loveeeeee this place, hospitality, food, people and everything here!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I had visited this place 3 months ago.
    The place is decent enough for 5-6 people to sit down. But we had to wait like 20mins to get a plate of chilli cheese Maggie.
    But after we tasted it we honestly felt it was way expensive than it should be.
    The taste wasn't bad, but would say not the best either.
    But not worth the money.

  5. Was suggested to me by a friend. Their mushroom infused Maggi, maggi pizza and black coffee are to die for! Paneer sandwich is Truffles level and so also is the chocolate filled cupcake. The owner Hitesh is very humble and transparent about his food and ingredients. Had a great chat with him while enjoying his food. Chic and warm place!


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