Morality Based On What Increases Or Decreases Suffering | Miles-MS | The Atheist Experience 583

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The Atheist Experience 583 for December 14, 2008 with Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris.

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. So stupid in so many levels. Evolutionary diets are not the most optimal. Evolution only cares about reaching the age of procreation not the longest living age.

  2. We can't even get to a collective point or agreement about extending basic human rights to other humans lol I would think that any conversation about that kind of consideration towards animals as well should be had with that in mind, at the very least

  3. Please excuse me for being off topic.

    Institutionalised folk can talk total nonsense, however it’s not their fault. Our notorious trolls talk a lot more nonsense, whilst not only claiming to be sane, but also educated and intelligent. Defending religion is one thing, but total blatant dishonesty is just so disgusting.

    One troll in particular is vomit invoking. He is a long time irritant to these comment threads, known and despised by every sensible person who has read the rubbish he deals out. Claims to have a PhD and a long list of education credentials, not to mention high military status etc. This same person uses words like, “their, there, and they’re” in the wrong sentences quite often, which belie his so called education status.

    Every time this guy comments in a thread, he gets torn to pieces, pulverised, and proven wrong by dozens of people who can see right through his dishonesty. He claims to have destroyed atheists for 50 years, including yours truly. It’s obvious I don’t have to say too much to discount his nonsense, when he claims that volcanoes are put there to entice atheists into hell, which according to him is in the centre of the earth. He also states that the victims of psalm 137.9 deserve what they got because they are evil creatures.

    The only good thing about him is that he is helping other christians who are questioning their belief. After reading what this fellow stands for and believes, even the most staunch follower of their religion, would be dumbfounded by the totally idiotic notions of this fool of a man.

    You will all have to guess who I’m talking about, but I assure you there are no prizes for doing so. Basically you can pick any name you like and you will be correct, as this character operates under more names than can be found in a phone book.

  4. The effect eating meat has on human "health" is entirely up to the individual. No one has the right to tell another adult that they cannot or should not eat meat because it may negatively affect their health.
    However, raising animals specifically for food — factory "farming" — has a significant, destructive impact on the earth in terms of the amount of water required to grow the crops used to feed the animals and the fecal waste generated.
    The bible was written more than 2,000 years ago, when there were far fewer humans and factory farming was practiced by individuals and typically amounted to a herd of goats or a few pigs and a cow or two. Today, factory farming reduces fish populations and starves cetaceans. Massive commercial fishing nets tear up and destroy the ocean floor.
    Sadly, meat is a high-profit product for industrial food producers. Until big business develops a conscience (right about the time hell freezes over) the West will continue to offer meat to consumers at every opportunity.

  5. You can poke holes in any moral. Christians like to blow their moral trumpet as they do charity work. The holy leaders have worked out it is a good way to sell their product. But as soon as a moral is not in their best interest, it will be pushed to the side.

  6. Atheists Claim God isn't real … Believers Believe and don't claim nothing… Yet, Atheists demand proof from believers? What flawed logic!!! Atheists claim there is No God…. So, prove it!!!! Prove there isn't an obelisk in your nearest city, prove there is no mason lodge in your town, prove the Bible wrong!!!Prove the Quran wrong….PROVE YOUR CLAIM: GOD ISN'T REAL!!!!! You Cannot!!! Atheists are ALL Dittoheads!!!!

  7. As a Matt Dillahunty fan, this video is an absolute embarrassment. Argument after argument, filled with falsehoods, avoidance, mistakes, fallacies and head-in-the-sand gloss overs. Listen to Dawkins. He eats meat, but admits he's embarrassed that he still does because he knows there's no intelligent justification. Yet watch this vid and see Matt's desperate efforts to feel like less of a *%&t!

  8. Morality, is such a WEIRD thing…

    Is it OK to Kill another Human Being? If yes, When?

    The "Good" Book says it's bad to kill other humans, unless the "Ultimate Moral Guy" says "Go and Slaughter EVERYONE. Even the Children."


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