Finance Industry Leaders On Disrupting The Ordinary And The Future Of Finance

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Insider’s virtual event “The Future of Finance: Disrupting the Ordinary,” presented by Grayscale, includes live conversations with Insider editors and leaders from large corporations in the finance sector, focused on digital payments and banking, cryptocurrency, and sustainability.

Sessions will discuss digital payment platforms, contactless and instant payment, ESG investing, and fintech.

Speakers include: 
David Tyrie, Head of Digital, Bank of America
John Hoeppner, Head of US Stewardship and Sustainable Investments, Legal & General Investment Management America (LGIM America) 
Karen Karniol-Tambour, Co-Chief Investment Officers for Sustainability, Bridgewater Associates
Lia Cao, Head of Wholesale Payment Solutions, JPMorgan Chase
Matthew Sueoka, Vice President and Head of Global Strategy, Partnerships & Enablement, Amex Digital Labs
Michael Sonnenshein, CEO, Grayscale Investments



Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


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  2. Geez. Why does it seem like whenever there is a video on anything related to Bitcoin the comment section is eventually inundated with hundreds of spam comments and bots? Also why doesn't Business Insider ever try to report them when they are clearly spam bots?

  3. May be I am too spoilt or may be my view is limited because I am a data scientist, but the american banking needs to create digital products a way faster, than now. I live in Germany and use mobile and online banking for 4 years, at the same time I have never been in the bank office or so, and that's not something special as for me. Digital banking is already many years with us there: brokerage online, analysis of spendings, additional free savings account etc. And all this is digital, I use cash only sometimes in the mountains and very rural places. I think, american banks need to hurry up with that, because it will be very soon the basic functionality for all banks. Before that I lived in Russia and it was the same. At the moment some Russian banks organize conferences, where all banks already discuss not those basic functions, but AI and ML tools and Models that already work and are implemented in the banking systems there.

  4. +6:06 Introduction
    +7:20 Digital Transformation in Banking (Michael Tang- Deloitte) / David Tyrie- BofA )
    +33:30 Crypto- The Golden Child of Fintech (Lauren – coinbase / Michael Sonnenshein- Grayscale)
    +55:22 Polished Payment Options ( Matthew Sueoka- AmericanExp / Lia Cao- JPM)
    +1:15:05 Sustainable Investing Pay Off ( Karen Karniol- BridgeWater Associates / John Hoeppner- LGIM America)
    +1:36:48 End Note

  5. People will be regretting and blaming themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto.

  6. I am curious about what you guys would say about the bitcoin security as US FBI was able to "get" the ransom money back. This also causes cyptocurrency market drops, well below and close to serious devaluation in early May. Any feedback?

  7. The biggest disruptor of finance is big gov't. The larger gov't grows, the bigger the problem becomes. Start voting for politicians (hint: party of the elephant) that want to shrink gov't spending, close down useless departments, audit and get rid of waste, fraud and abuse, and shut down programs that aren't producing positive results compared to their private sector counterparts.

  8. For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer

  9. Unhackable Mobile Banking… Do you mean Cash? 🤔
    If your ok with people or hackers knowing your personal and financial data, use digital? 👀👀

  10. Everyone should be able to choose what they want & need cos everyone has different likes, personality & different pacing in life 🧊

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  12. Sounds like the discussion of a one world currency. Don't get the shot, don't take the mark, and don't drink the kool-aid.


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