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Today we turn our eye back to Australian property as low interest rates has fuelled a marked surge in demand as the economy rebuilds post pandemic.
What has emerged however, is a two speed house price boom. With a superb run up in prices of suburban houses, as space and isolation are sought, prices of inner-city apartments, typically favoured by investors, have languished.
To help colour in exactly the extent of these falling rents, we are lucky to be joined by friend of the show Martin North, who is founder of boutique research firm, Digital Finance Analytics.

You can find Martin North at

00:00 Introduction
02:40 Agenda
03:05 Australian property affordability
15:15 Will the Government intervene if house prices get too high?
20:27 Supply of Australian property
23:40 Developers being able to get finance
25:01 Property values
28:25 Apartment prices well done
33:00 Australian housing affordability
41:25 How many property investors are underwater
44:00 Why property prices have risen
44:38 Effect of inflation and macro factors on Australian property
51: 45 Net rental yield heatmaps
57:35 Where to invest on a cashflow basis
58:24 Strong Regional growth
1:02:35 Interest rates going forward
1:05:45 Our viewer question of the week

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Our target is to take our local communities to the worldwide audience. Submit your story and we will help you to build your audience. Thank you Roots News Team


  1. Unit prices in my area of QLD – Hamilton, Ascot, Clayfield, have gone up 10-20% min and are being snapped up at record speed.

  2. What was the reason Perth dropped? Resources boom then bust. Why did melbourne Sydney go up? People boom. Whats missing?

  3. The corrupt Govt does everything to prop up the biggest ponzi scheme in human history. This is not sustainable the most unaffordable overpriced housing market in the world. Sadly this has turned into a massive social issue people need a roof over their head to exist and the Govt policies have turned this into a speculative casino. Australia has no real industry, no new creation of technology or innovation, no new jobs, just a fake insane housing bubble driven purely by debt and speculation All this is not going to end well history says this.

  4. Heard from a builder who will not take on any more new house building due to not being able to get products and he also said 2 builders have gone under on Sunshine Coast, qld

  5. Hi guys, I’ve exchanged email with Martin recently about how current data is and he’s absolutely right that we need to use officially reported data to keep models reliable and as accurate as possible. Can you speak to data sparsity and how confident we can be in what time range – for example the model might have high confidence for January data but may be too sparse to be confident for April? Hope this makes sense. Keep up the great work all of you. Very much appreciated. Regards Simo


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